There are few things better than homemade Caramel Frosting, and our recipe takes the cake. You might be tempted to stick to the store-bought variety to cut back on time and all the extra steps but, we assure you, this is one frosting recipe that is well worth the effort. Most icing recipes don’t take quite as much stirring, mixing, cooking, and caramelizing, but, then again, most icing recipes don’t even come close to being quite as delicious as this caramel icing. Homemade caramel frosting is a labor of love. It takes time and patience but the result is lick-the-spoon good, every time. Whether you’re just learning how to make caramel icing or are a seasoned veteran, give our caramel icing recipe a try and you’ll likely never look back. Some things are just better when they’re made right at home and this frosting recipe is no exception.

You need
1cup brown sugar
1 half cup butter
1 quarter cup milk
confectioners’ sugar, as needed
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