Cure cracked feet with these two common household items



As winter comes on in full force, your skin dries out more and more. The heels of your feet may eventually end up getting so dry they begin to crack. If you’re a sandal wearer during the summer, you face the same problem.
How can you enjoy your summer footwear or the winter weather without suffering with nasty, cracked heels? You can do some very simple things to help heal and prevent the cracks from ruling your life. Caution needs to be exercised before jumping on any new fad or bandwagon, though. Check out the options for healing your feet below and see whether they work or not.
1. Petroleum jelly. One of the best ways to heal cracked heals is to put on a layer of petroleum jelly at night when you go to bed. Cover your feet with cotton socks and sleep on it. The jelly will trap moisture into your skin and heal the crevices quickly according to WebMD.

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