Secret Ingredients (Kind Of) In Mackinac Island’s Most Famous Fudge

These were Awesome! I have made this recipe for over 30 years and will always use this one. My family refers to it as “My famous fudge”

National Fudge Day: What a great day to celebrate! My Aunt Annie made the best Fudge in the world, but now that I know more about candy nomenclature, I think she really made truffles. They were dark chocolate balls rolled in cocoa. I’ll always remember her truffles as fudge.

However, I had my first taste of ‘real’ fudge down the shore in Atlantic City. Fudge was sold along with Salt Water Taffy at many of the Boardwalk candy shops.

In honor of National Fudge Day, I’m posting a Recipe Round-Up of Fudge Recipes that have appeared on!

Just an FYI: I’m from Philly, and I grew up with Philadelphia Cream Cheese, so the Philly Fudge recipe below is an adaptation of the famous uncooked fudge recipe developed by Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese. It became popular right after World War II. It really is foolproof.

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